This Quebec Park Offers A 180 KM Long Hiking Trail That Makes It A Once In A Lifetime Experience To Try

Time to invest in some good shoes.
This Quebec Park Offers A 180 KM Long Hiking Trail That Makes It A Once In A Lifetime Experience To Try

Summer is all about checking off bucket list activities. Whether you're staying in the city and it's food challenges that catch your eye, or you're looking to get out of town and find the most breathtaking sights, Quebec really has it all.

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Although there's pride in having experiences that aren't too far from home, the real feeling of a win is when you've truly tested yourself and your limits in the most intense experience ever. Luckily, Quebec has that too.

For all of the extreme hikers and daredevils out there, you can travel a 180km hiking trail in Quebec entirely by foot! For perspective, walking from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant is only 136km, so this trail is the real deal!

Sentier National's Lanaudière section travels east to west for the multi-day trail. The path takes you through the most scenic and natural parts of the region, you'll be able to witness Quebec's beauty that's been untouched by humankind. 

Although camping out in a tent along the trail is allowed, you also have the opportunity to rent rest huts along the way if you're looking for a bit of luxury. It gets better, with the multiple waterfalls you'll discover along the way, you'll always be looking forward to cooling off and having a swim in the gorgeous falls.

And for those of us who are up to a challenge but not one as large scale as this, not to worry. It's totally possible to just hike shorter sections of the trail, whether you want to be out there for just a day or even start closer to the finish line there are many section access points to pick from.

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The National trail even allows for Winter snowshoe hiking and is open year round, so there's nothing holding you back! This outdoor experience is definitely one that will be remembered for a lifetime.

For more information you can take a look at the Lanaudière website HERE.

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