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This Quebec Political Party Wants To Completely Ban Gasoline-Using Cars

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This Quebec Political Party Wants To Completely Ban Gasoline-Using Cars

Since the Quebec election campaign has begun, we've been getting quite a few promises from the different parties that have been pretty interesting to all Quebecers. Just yesterday it was confirmed that Québec Solidaire would introduce half the price fares on public transit if they were elected into power. If this were to happen it's guaranteed the province (especially Montreal) would be pretty happy. But what about the promises that could have a super divided crowd?

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Well, Québec Solidaire has done that too as they're now promising if they win the upcoming election, gasoline-using vehicles will be completely banned from the province by 2030.

This may not come as too big of a surprise for some. For years the province has been looking for more ecological means of transportation, from public bike-sharing services in major cities to electric buses quickly taking over public transportation. According to the plan, all gasoline-powered cars would be expected to be completely eradicated from Quebec by the year 2050.

This could mean that Quebec would be the first province ever to have an electric car-only system. The QS's plan overall is that by the year 2030 both hybrid and elecric vehicles would be legal to purchase. Anyone who still chose to drive a gasoline-powered vehicle by that year would penalized with fines or additonal taxes until they finally decided to join everyone else and get a new car. 

By 2040 the plan is that hybrid cars would be scrapped too, with only fully electric-powered cars allowed on roads in the province. If the party were to be elected, they would also call for the government rebate on electric vehicles to be increased from the $8,000 it's currently sitting at.

The idea of a completely electric city by 2050 doesn't seem too far off, although many people are divided over the issue. It's safe to say that regardless of whether or not Quebec Solidaire achieves a majority this fall, we'll definitely be seeing electric cars take over the roads in the upcoming years.


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