This Quebec Political Party Wants To Make The STM Half Price

Is this the solution to Montreal's transit woes?
This Quebec Political Party Wants To Make The STM Half Price

The Quebec election campaign season is in full force. We're recieving news, promises and guarentees non-stop from each party and although the overcrowding of new information makes it seem a little overwhelming, it's interesting to see what new things may be coming to the province.

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One political party in particular may be trying to go above and beyond and us Quebecers will definitely be interested. Québec Solidaire has launched unique posters that showcase the commitments they promise to make on their political platform. This may not sound too exciting just yet, but wait until you hear what they're planning to do.

The political party promises to cut public transportation fare in half! With the amount of commuters in the city this would definitely be a god-send. Although this sounds amazing to anyone living in downtown Montreal or Laval, the political party fell a bit short in their choice of what area to first showcase the news.

The electoral platform that was chosen to announce half the price transit was in Sainte-Julie, which seems fine... until you realize that Sainte-Julie already has completely free public transport. 

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Yes, local transit is free for all in the suburb outside of Montreal. So it definitely came as a disappointment to residents to hear that their free transit would be offered at half the price. I mean, does that mean prices would go up? Would the zero dollar fare be cut in half? No one knows!

In all seriousness, this was just a mistake on Québec Solidaire's part. It would be interesting to see how the plan would flow if it did come into action. Because honestly, we could all use a little bit of cheap transit. Especially after all of the construction along the STM and the new REM being built this year, we deserve it.

A possible next step could be to adopt Sainte-Julie's tactics and just make public transport free altogether! Who knows what will come in the near future from Quebec's political parties.


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