You Can Visit Dinosaurs Overlooking The St. Lawrence River In Quebec

Take a trip back in time!
You Can Visit Dinosaurs Overlooking The St. Lawrence River In Quebec

Thanks to the province's thousands of kilometres in size, road trips across Quebec can be full of unexplored places and hidden treasures. You may even come across some rather unusual landscapes and monuments, such as the massive Côte-Nord dinosaurs that overlook the St. Lawrence River. I promise that going up onto one of them offers the best seat in the house.

Maybe when you daydream of travelling, the beaches of Barcelona or the Fiji islands may seem a little more attractive than somewhere in Quebec. But, making your way to the Côte-Nord leaves you feeling like you're on a journey all while staying in your own province.

And here, it's literally a trip back in time to the age of the dinosaurs!

Many Quebecers were familiar with the dinos at the popular restaurant Le Madrid, but the ones at the Vieux Quai de Ragueneau, near Baie-Comeau, are a little less well known.

Built in 1994 and designed by Mr. Rénald Girard, there are two life-size brachiosaurs that rise up from the water's edge of this dock offering an incredible view of the shoreline. 

"Dinosaurs symbolize the strength and greatness of heart that characterized our pioneers and the strength of the elements of nature at the beginning of our history," the Tourisme Côte-Nord website tells us.

Just the chance to take such an unforgettable picture is worth the road trip.

And, you can take advantage of your more than seven-hour drive from Montreal to explore the wonders of the area.

The village of Ragueneau is the gateway to the Manicouagan Peninsula, as indicated on the municipality's website.

At the end of the pier, you can admire small islands on the horizon that are home to a wide variety of birds and seals.

The Vieux Quai de Ragueneau also includes a picnic area. In this area, you can watch breathtaking sunsets while having a drink.

Dinosaurs Of The Vieux Quai De Ragueneau

Cost: Free

When: Open all year round

Address: Chemin du Quai, Ragueneau, Quebec

Why you should go: Not only to journey across Quebec but also to travel back in time by discovering these remnants of the province's Côte-Nord region.


This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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