This Quebec Woman Just Became A National Bikini Fitness Champion

Last Saturday 35 year-old St. Jerome native Julie Royer took home first place at Canada's bikini fitness championship, winner herself the title of a national champion. Taking place in Halifax, Julie beat out one hundred other girls in her category, some of which were nearly half her age.

Not only is she clearly stunning and SUPER fit, but Julie Royer is also one boss ass bitch. In addition to the gruelling body building training that she endured for several months, and having to constantly watch what she ate, Julie also takes care of her two children, one of which is a 17 year-old boy with autism. Oh and she also works as a gym trainer - no big deal. Taking care of two kids seems exhausting enough on its own, but adding in intense training on top of that is just down right impressive.

This definitely meets the requirements for your daily dose of motivation. I mean if she can do all of that, then you can definitely finish that laundry that you've been putting off for days.