This Quebec Woman Posed As A Teenage Boy To Get Sexually Explicit Pictures

A 20-year-old Montreal woman, Tanisha Samuels, was arrested in Eastern Ontario, earlier this week, on charges of possession and creation of child pornography.

She has also been charged with luring and corrupting minors.

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According to police, Samuels posed as a young man or boy online to share and obtain videos and photos.

She targeted grade 7 girls using several aliases such as Sam Johnson and Mattix tesha crip gang on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

Police say that the victims who have come forward to file complaints against Samuels were approached in the summer of 2017.

During this period, Samuels was living in Western Montreal.

Criminal proceedings against Samuels have already started.

Police are urging other children, who may have been lured by Samuels into taking and sharing sexually explicit photos and videos, to come forward and register complaints against the accused.