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This Ramen Spot In Montreal Is So Good You'll Want To Keep It A Secret

Noodles to die for.
This Ramen Spot In Montreal Is So Good You'll Want To Keep It A Secret

Grab my hand friends and let's take a little trip together to the most booming neighbourhoods in Montreal.

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Let's travel all the way up north, past the busy streets of downtown Montreal, higher than the busy streets of Mont-Royal, and even higher than hipster heaven, Mile-End.   Once you reach little Italy and Jean-Talon street you've made it, to the neighbourhood of Rosemont / Petite Patrie.

The main street of this neighbourhood is Plaza Saint-Hubert. It's a lot more than just a street, though. The wide glass awnings and distinct promenades vibes makes you feel like you've been transported into a different city.

Needless to say, this strip - possessing an inherent authentic "Montreal" charm - has been blossoming over the past years. With major modern fine-dining restaurants like MTL Plaza and multi-disciplinary concept spaces like Art Gang setting up shop; Plaza St-Hubert is gaining a ton of momentum with local entrepreneurs and it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Now - let's take a peep inside a ramen spot that just came onto our radar recently. Appropriately named after the street, Ramen Plaza, looks insanely tasty. Just take a look at some of the signature dishes below.

Oh my goodness. Now, don't tell me that pork belly doesn't look spectacular! Not only do they have all types of ramen and broths to choose from, but also have specialty dishes such as classic Karaage (fried chicken), tartar "du moment", and cold soba noodle ramen.

If you want a tasty handcrafted cocktail to accompany your savory meal, they have that too! Delicious specialty cocktails are served up and limited edition sake for those who love the classic Japanese liquor.

@ramenplazaembedded via

And saving the best for last: Ramen Plaza has a lovely front terrasse so you can enjoy your ramen and drinks in the sun all summer long! All that to say, this charming restaurant definitely has our stamp of approval.

For more info on Ramen Plaza check out their Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE.

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