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This Recently-Opened Montreal Restaurant Serves Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

It's a must-try this weekend.
This Recently-Opened Montreal Restaurant Serves Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Bay Cà Phê opened its doors Montreal's Mile End in October 2018 and it's been the delight of residents ever since. The casual Vietnamese restaurant offers a variety of traditional Vietnamese food, from báhn mì to pho.

The restaurant is known for its cozy atmosphere, its comforting food, and its amazing cocktails. Next time you make your bagel run at the St-Viateur close by, make a point of stopping by the Bay. You won't regret it.

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TL;DR One of Montreal's newest Vietnamese restaurants is now a Mile End staple. You have to try the amazing food at Bay Cà Phê.

Montrealers love their pho almost as much as they love their poutine. Pho places have big shoes to fill if they want to compete with household names like Pho Bang New York and Pho Rachel.

Bay Cà Phê does indeed have amazing pho, but they are much more than just a pho place.

The restaurant serves all sorts of authentic Vietnamese dishes, like báhn mì and cá ri. You can pick whether you want the dishes served with beef, chicken, shrimp, or tofu, so it's an easy place to go if you are vegetarian or you have picky eater.

The restaurant is quite affordable. A dish will only set you back around $11-12, and they have some delicious and inexpensive appetizers for those with big appetites. I recommend the $5 fried wontons.

Bay Cà Phê also serves suprisingly delicious cocktails. Fun, tropical drinks like the "Sojito" and the "Blossom River" are delicious ways to start (or finish, or both) your meal.

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Next time you're looking for a cozy restaurant to get together with friends, check out Bay Cà Phê, at 5263 Saint-Laurent.

Visit the restaurant website here and Instagram page here!

Happy eating, Montreal!

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