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This Montreal Restaurant Hosted A Naked Sushi Night And We Don't Know How We Feel About It

Hey, Montreal foodies! Here's a little gem we came across today. 

Last week, Montreal resto Angry Lobster Bar held a preview event, and it seems like everyone was posting about it on Instagram. 

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Angry Lobster Bar and La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse are gearing up to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, and every week they're giving you a preview of the event to come.

The Food Porn event may not be until June 20th, but Fabio Broccoli will be at the Angry Lobster Bar every Wednesday hosting a 5 à huître sample and build up to the big night. 

Last week, it was naked sushi. The Food Porn preview event treated attendees to a delicious sushi sampling, served up on some naked girls - but don't worry, they were covered properly...cause, you know, hygiene and all of that. 

@blackmohawkproductionsembedded via  

This week, they've got some great Caviar samples, free for patrons!

There are also some spectacular deals on Oysters - $20 for 12 or $2/each

This event will happen every Wednesday from 5-8 at the Angry Lobster Bar and Seafood Lounge

Via Angry Lobster Bar - Seafood Lounge

Go check em out Wednesdays and get yourself ready for the Food Porn 20th Anniversary event of La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse and Raw Bar this June 20th! 

Angry Lobster Bar is located in the basement area below La Queue de Cheval.

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