This Restaurant In Montreal Serves The World's Biggest Cannoli (Photos)

It contains hundreds of regular-sized cannolis!
This Restaurant In Montreal Serves The World's Biggest Cannoli (Photos)

When you're in Montreal, there are quite a few foods that everyone knows you have to try. Examples include poutine, smoked meat, and Montreal-style bagels. These are the delicacies that we associate with the city.

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TL;DR Montreal's Pizzeria Napoletana is now home to the biggest cannoli in the world. Created by Delices Lafrenaie, the cannoli is so massive because its filling is made up of dozens of smaller cannolis. The giant dessert was made for Pizzeria Napoletana's 70th anniversary.

Cannolis on the other hand, although amazing, aren't at the top of the list for classic Montreal eats.

That's why it's such a pleasant surprise to hear that Montreal will now be known for having the world's biggest cannoli. 

We don't know how it happened exactly, but the giant dessert can be found at Pizzeria Napoletana. You seriously won't believe your eyes when you see this thing, the cannoli is so huge that it's filling is actually dozens of regular-sized cannolis stuffed inside!

Via Pizzeria Napoletana

The enormous Italian treat was created by the genius minds at Delices Lafrenaie, who have quite the reputation for making some of the most incredible cakes you'll ever see in your life. 

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The monster cannoli was created to celebrate Pizzeria Napoletana's 70th anniversary, so the dessert needed to represent all of the incredible years of service and Italian tradition. 

We can all agree that Delices Lafrenaie delivered.

So, next time your friends or family visit Montreal in search of our famous foods, you'll be able to add giant cannolis to the list. 


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