This Restaurant Is Giving Away 16 Free Wings To Everyone In Montreal

Montreal is on a food deal frenzy lately!

McDonalds keeps giving away free fries when the Habs score first. Dominos has 50% off all online pizza orders this week, and now La Cage is giving away free wings!

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And not just one or two, they're giving away 16 free wings to everyone in Montreal!

You may be familiar with La Cage's wing promotion, basically when the Habs score 5 goals or more during a game, you can log onto their website to get a coupon for 8 free wings (no purchase necessary).

However, since the Canadiens scored 10 goals last night, everyone gets 16 wings instead of 8!

The deal is valid starting today and lasts until the end of tomorrow's (December 5th) game. 

Check out their website for more details