You Can Win $500 At Montreal's First-Ever "Burger-Eating" Contest

Get your stretchy pants ready!
You Can Win $500 At Montreal's First-Ever "Burger-Eating" Contest

Whenever you go out to eat with your friends, are you always still hungry after the meal? Do people constantly oooh and awww at the sheer amount of food that you can eat in one sitting? Do you love burgers? Do you like money? Well, then I may just have an event that will interest you.

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A burger eating contest! You don't hear about those a lot here in Montreal, do you? Whenever I think of a food-eating contest I always seem to picture some rinky dinky county fair in the South of the United States with hillbillies and ribbons. That being said, this one is not going to be anything like that.

This event will absolutely blow your mind, whether you decide to participate or whether you just want to watch. Imagine seeing your friends (and complete strangers) shove as many burgers as they possibly can down their gob just for the heck of it. Now that's what I like to call entertainment. 

Via La Belle et la Boeuf

Well, wait no longer! In just two days, on April 13, 2018, La Belle et La Boeuf will be hosting a burger eating contest for anyone and everyone. That's right, you can just walk in off the street and participate. The best part about all this? The winner will be rewarded with $500. All you have to do is eat more burgers than any of the other participants in 10 minutes. 

This event will be going on all over the city! Every single one of their locations will be participating. So just head on over to one of their locations at 7PM this Friday and you could win $500. You get to eat and win money, what more could you possibly need?

Find them all here!

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And even if you don't want to participate in the contest, this is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Their decor is awesome, their drinks are cool, their food is amazing. It's worth it just to go there and watch. 

The contest is coming up really soon so you don't have any time to waste! Get your stretchy pants ready and start fasting. By this weekend, you could be $500 richer! 

Here's the link to their contest!


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