This Restaurant Is Single-Handedly Bringing Montreal's Chinatown Back To Life

One of the great things about living in Montreal is the blend of the past and the present, mixing beautiful historic buildings with the energy of a thousand cool bars, restaurants and great entertainment spots.

It takes skill to deliver a taste of tradition suited to an ever-changing city and one establishment helping keep their neighbourhood vibrant is Kalbi, a recently opened Korean restaurant in the heart of Chinatown specializing in delicious Korean BBQ.

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Kalbi’s combination of classically Korean BBQ fare and fresh young feel is inspired by its owners, two twenty-something locals hoping to show Montreal’s millennials the new faces of their community and bringing a new vibe to Montreal's Chinatown.

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Coming July 13th, Kalbi will be hosting a Korean BBQ Night and dishing up some mouth-watering grillade from 6pm until 2am, alongside sushi, hors d’oeuvres and a wide array of drinks. A DJ set and music from upcoming artists will keep the party going into the night, helping you leave room for more food.

A new generation of talent is emerging out of Chinatown right now and Kalbi’s Korean BBQ Night is bringing the best of old-school favorites to a new and diverse audience. Enjoy a night of cultural festivities that showcases all the best of the community’s emerging entrepreneurs.

So join Kalbi for an original night of food and entertainment on July 13th, or take advantage of daily drinks promotions and regular deals such as Ladies Nights on Wednesdays. Tickets are just $20 and available for purchase through Kalbi and their partners.

To buy tickets for Kalbi’s Korean BBQ Night on July 13th, check out their event page.

To see their mouth-watering menu, check out their website and follow them on Facebook!