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This Secret Montreal ”Japanese Cocktail Bar” Is So Hidden You'll Never Be Able To Find It

Like going to Japan and back.
This Secret Montreal ”Japanese Cocktail Bar” Is So Hidden You'll Never Be Able To Find It

Few bars and restaurants have the power to seduce the senses to the point where you forget which city you're in for a second.  Even fewer of those bars are in Montreal.

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If you're looking for more than just a simple rum and coke, there are a few bars scattered across the city that not just offer unique and creative original cocktails, but also an interior that will transport you to a totally different place. 

Gokodu is one of them. A Japanese-inspired bar run by the same people behind some other bars  Escondite, Habanera, Birru, and Koa.

The inconspicuous bar is located in a very conspicuous area of downtown Montreal, right on Cathcart street. But with a very simple and understated exterior, you may never know it was there, until now. 

Once you venture inside, with its dim subtle lighting and dark color palette, the interior of this 45-seat resto/bar will transport you to another place. 

On the drink menu, you will find Japanese inspired cocktails, carefully hand-crafted with precise attention to detail that is hard to come by these days.  And not only do they do drinks, but they also serve a menu of light snacks and Japanese driven items such as salmon tartar, spicy scallops, and baby octopus salad. 

This is looking more and more like the perfect spot to bring a date or share a drink with someone special. Whoever that may be.

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For more info, check out their Facebook page HERE.

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