This Secret Tea Room In Montreal Will Make You Feel Like You've Travelled Back In Time

The roaring '20s never looked so good!
This Secret Tea Room In Montreal Will Make You Feel Like You've Travelled Back In Time

Who doesn't love experiences that make you feel like you've travelled to a different time period? Most of us enjoy "vintage" or "throwback" events, restaurants and bars. It brings something new to the table and opens our eyes to how things were before the 21st century.

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Ontop of all that, finding a hidden place within the city is just all the better. The underrated is in right now, and we all want to know about that cool café or restaurant before everyone else. 

So how amazing would it be if there was a place in Montreal that was both fairly secret and also a nod to the historical roaring 1920's? Well, there actually is.

Via Salon de thé Cardinal

Salon de thé Cardinal, also known as the Cardinal Tea Room, is a two-floor tea room in the Mile-End that not only offers a large array of gourmet teas, but delicious pastries, beautiful seating over looking the street, an amazing chandelier that'll definitely leave you in awe, and of course the vintage feel one may have had entering a restaurant circa 1920's. 

According to client reviews of this spot, this is the must-go place if you're a fan of tea - as they have the biggest selection in the city. During the day, the Cardinal Tea Room is a good place to go with your laptop and chill while having a cup of Britain's national beverage. In the evening things pick up a bit and the vibe is much more upbeat, similar to how an evening in a Chicago speakeasy might have felt almost a century ago.

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As if it couldn't be any better, their pastries are made in house and are to die for! Some fan favourites are their scones and cheddar-bacon biscuits. The only catch is that the tea room is only opened from Thursday to Sunday, so plan ahead everyone. You are totally going to want to experience this throwback café. 

To check out Salon de thé Cardinal's Facebook page click HERE.

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