This Stereotypical Map Of Canada Shows What You Can Expect To Find In Every Province

Their thoughts on wildlife are a little off.
This Stereotypical Map Of Canada Shows What You Can Expect To Find In Every Province

Oh, Canada - the great white north. Home to beavers and moose, and geese and all sorts of lovely wildlife.

Canada is an amazing playground for wildlife, this is not news. I mean, even in Montreal we got coyotes scaring people all over the place. 

Side note, did you know you shouldn't take selfies with wild coyotes? I'm sure you did... but apparently its a problem in this city. 

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I stumbled upon this pretty map of Canada yesterday, and upon looking past the visually appealing graphic design work of whoever made it I found the map to be a little stereotypical and lacking.

Via Chris D'elia

Sure, lots of the stuff they got on this map is (stereotypically) accurate... especially so when you're not only looking at the wildlife. Ontario does have a lot of vineyards. Toronto really isn't much more than a concrete jungle of tall buildings. Alberta and the prairie provinces do, indeed, have a lot of mining and farmlands. 

The wildlife, though, is a tad bit lacking.

First of all, Manitoba is home to much more than polar bears and moose. In fact, polar bears populate the most northern areas of the province. I was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB, and seeing deer roaming around backyards was far from a rare experience. Never, not once, did I see a moose. 

I did see a moose in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, though, which was one of the scariest moments of my life and a story for a different time. 

Let's take a little look at Quebec now. Apparently, Quebec is home to raccoons and snowy owls only? Sure, our raccoon population is massive! Not to mention that they are so conditioned to people, it's a tad intimidating.

Via Chris D'elia

See, raccoons and maple syrup around Montreal... a pretty big miss, right? Then I started to wonder about the wildlife I have seen around Montreal, and to be quite honest - all I could think about was raccoons! Squirrels too, but they're like the McDonalds of Canadian wildlife. They are everywhere! 

What other wildlife do we have frequently in Montreal? I'm not counting birds too seriously, mostly because I'm no bird watcher and can't really tell you what they are aside from the pigeons and seagulls. 

Oh - but that we do have a TON of those, right? Pigeons! Are pigeons not good enough for these map making people? Sure, they're annoying, and not the cleanest - but some people in Montreal think they're good enough to eat. 

This map may be missing some stuff. When I looked at it I was a little offended at the stereotypes, and then just had a good laugh at it. This is what the world (or at least the U.S.) thinks of when they think of Canada... but then again, have you ever watched Americans try to label a Canadian map? 

The map is said to have collected data from Environment Canada and Canada Geographic. 

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