This Store In Montreal Reminds Us That You Can Never Judge A Book By Its Cover... WOW!!!

An enchanting spot hidden in plain sight.
This Store In Montreal Reminds Us That You Can Never Judge A Book By Its Cover... WOW!!!

Who here is guilty of seeing a shop that doesn't look super modern on the outside, and walking right TF past it?

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Don't worry if you do this; I do it, too. We all do. The fact is that if a restaurant, shop, or spot doesn't look 514% fleek, then we might be guilty of not paying that much attention to it.

But that mentality might lead us to missing quite a few hidden gems in our lifetime. Like one West Island shop that legit looks like it belongs in some sort of awesome, magical village.

Le Panier (274 Chemin Lakeshore).

Don't get it twisted, the storefront is very nice... but the inside is legit enchanting.

Self-described as an "old fashioned store with new and exciting products", this place actually has anything and everything you could possibly want.

There's clothes, accessories, creams, soaps, home decor, food; there's vintage decorations and Yankee candles and jewellery... I mean, there's even an actual wall of hot sauces.

According to their website, they've got over 40,000 gourmet and gift items, which is super impressive.

But honestly, just take a look inside and tell me if this isn't the most magical store you've seen so far:

Is this the most enchanting spot you've seen yet? Then check out their Facebook page for more information.

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