This Street In Montreal Is Ranked For "Best Restaurants" In The World

Everyone knows that Montreal is a foodie city, especially Montrealers. 

We pride ourselves on the city's bustling food scene, but it's always nice to see folks from outside the walls of Montreal give the city some much-deserved credit. 

And most recently, one particular area of Montreal was named as one of the best food-destinations in the city...and the world. 

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Tourist-focused magazine Travel+Leisure published an incredibly flattering piece on Montreal's Sud-Ouest area, effectively claiming the borough to be the best spot in the city to find food. 

Getting a bit more specific, the magazine even went as far to say that the stretch of Rue Notre-Dame in Sud-Ouest is the "best street in the city" for food lovers. 

Owner of Joe Beef, Vin Papillon, and Liverpool House said Notre Dame Street "is Montreal's most interesting food and drink strip."

Obviously the owner of several restaurants in Sud-Ouest is a little biased,  but given the upsurge of new restaurant openings in the area, it's hard to refute that claim. 

Described as a "once-sleepy neighborhood," Sud-Ouest, and Notre Dame street in particular, has become a haven for foodies in Montreal. "You can walk seven blocks and find 14 amazing restaurants" said a prominent Montreal restaurant owner. 

It's not an unfounded claim, either. Sud-Ouest is a playground of culinary delights and Notre-Dame street is where the best gustatory action is. Not that anyone needs a reminder, because getting a reservation at Joe Beef is already enough of a struggle. 

To be fair, Montreal is home to many amazing restaurants and to say that Notre Dame is the "best" of them all will probably be a polarizing opinion. If you don't think Sud-Ouest/Notre Dame is all it's cracked up to be, take it up with Travel+Leisure, but at least the magazine is giving Montreal foodie-credit where it's due.