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This Stunning Emerald Swimming Hole Is Only 2 Hours From Montreal

Like a hidden paradise in the woods.
This Stunning Emerald Swimming Hole Is Only 2 Hours From Montreal

Vermont - AKA the green mountain state - is full of beautiful natural swimming holes. Some are shallow and warm, others are deep and fed by beautiful crashing waterfalls. 

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The swimming holes in Vermont are fed by fast-moving mountain water, so they are always fresh and cold, making it the perfect way to cool off during hot summer months. 

One of the most popular swimming holes dubbed "Triple buckets"  is located in Huntington Gorge, right outside the busy college town of Burlington Vermont. A trip to this swimming hole is a great way to compliment a day-trip to Burlington. 

That said, once entering you will be met with a scary sign, advising the history of past fatalities. Visitors are warned to enter with caution, as swimmers in the past have injured themselves so badly, resulting in several deaths over the years.

However, If you exercise common sense, avoid swimming in the areas with "DANGER" signs, and stick to the lower buckets where the current is weak - you should be fine.  

Enjoy swimming, jumping, or just wading around the cool emerald green waters of Triple Buckets. And don't forget to pack a lunch! The closest corner store is not that close.

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If you want more info on how to get to Triple Bucket, click here!

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