This Stunning Quebec Town Is Picture Perfect For A Fall Day Trip

La belle province.

Ah, road trips. Although most people associate day trips with summertime, trust, they're probably even more fun and rewarding in the fall. (Hint: it's because of the beautiful foliage, mostly).

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Seriously, road tripping in the fall time pretty much guarantees you're in for some seriously gorgeous sights, no matter where you look. And if you're lucky enough, you might just end up in a seriously gorgeous spot, as well.

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Like Grenville, Quebec, for example.

Grenville is about an hour and a half drive out of the city (which just so happens to be the perfect length for a road trip, btw).

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This small town is super charming - and super stunning. It's located in the Laurentians, near Lachute and right near the Ottawa River.

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The town of Grenville-Sur-La-Rouge, located on the Rouge River, is also, like, just a stone's throw away.

Which means, of course, that other than admiring the beautiful views and gorgeous fall foliage, you can also take the opportunity to do a little rafting on the river.

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