This Stunning Waterfall Is Just Two Hours Away From Montreal

The Adirondack regionof New York State is filled with stunning hidden natural gems.  From Ausable chasm to Lake Placid, this region is a nature-lovers paradise. The best part, it's only a short - and scenic - two-hour drive from Montreal. 

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Thanks to prehistoric glaciers which created the rising and falling landscape of this beautiful region, one particular spot tucked away between mountain ranges is worth pointing out due to its breathtaking views and waterfalls. 

Lower Ausable Lake and Rainbow Falls provide some of the most stunning views of the region and hiking trails.  There are several trails which can be accessed from the road for hikers of all levels. 

You can also head to Rainbow falls at the top of the lake, part of Ausable chasm- a mini "grand canyon" and another attraction of the region.  This 150-foot waterfall is swimmable and a sight to see. 

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For more information on how to get to Lower Ausable Lake and Rainbow falls, click here.

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