This Summer, Explore Thailand With Free & Easy Traveler

Free & Easy Traveler isn't your regular tour group.
This Summer, Explore Thailand With Free & Easy Traveler

Summer is fast approaching, so you better get some plans in motion. We both know you've got an adventurous soul and a lust for different experiences, so instead of laying on your couch watching Netflix and getting wasted every night, why not travel, see the world, and meet some damn cool people while you’re at it? If Thailand doesn't cut it, Free & Easy also hosts adventures throughout Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, and Central and South America. You'll be thrown the opportunity to travel through incredible destinations such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Greece & Turkey, and Costa Rica, Panama, and Peru!

Free & Easy Traveler does all that, and more. Not your typical 'travel tour' where you’re stuck with a bunch of old folks and a boring itinerary, Free & Easy is entirely focused on young travelers who want to have some independence and freedom on their trip. You'll have the option of going with the group’s adventures, but you can just as easily be a beach bum or go solo and experience a new culture in whichever way you want to.

An entire posse of young people will be along for the ride, with the same adventurous mindset you have, giving you a bunch of travel buddies right off the bat. Plus, even the most boring parts of travelling, like long bus rides, will be way better with a group of cool people to talk to, some good tunes playing and maybe a beer in hand!

Fun is an important emphasis on Free & Easy's trips. While you will have the opportunity to visit and contribute to helping local communities, your trip will be all about discovering the awesome aspects of foreign cultures, with extreme activities like bungee jumping, drift carting, rock climbing, rappelling, scuba diving and riding elephants to complete your journey. 

That is not to say Free & Easy has no care for sustainable tourism – they are involved with many different projects around the world, including one with Community Forests International.  This project offsets the carbon footprint of their whole travel team by planting thousands of trees around the world, including the island of Pemba, in Tanzania.  Free & Easy started the “One Tree for Every Traveler” project, so that each traveler who joins them on a trip will help to provide jobs and sustainable growth in an environmentally impoverished community – not to mention helping out Mother Earth at the same time.

Plan ahead to make your summer epic with Free & Easy Traveler. Play it single, or bring a friend along and meet people on a trip designed for young and adventurous travelers.  This ain’t your grandpa’s tour, and while there are lots of imitators out there, Free & Easy offers the original down-to-earth backpacking adventure that you just can’t get from anyone else.

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