This Super Strict Marijuana Law In Quebec Is Already Hated Across The Province

It's been over a week since marijuana was legalized across Canada, and we're still getting used to the new laws and regulations surrounding the product now found in government-run stores across the country.

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TL;DR Quebec's provincial government prohibits anyone in the province from cultivating their own cannabis plants for personal use. Since this doesn't sit well with citizens, one individual has decided to take the issue to court in an attempt to turn the decision over to the federal government.

Although most of the laws are understandable and respected, such as not being allowed to carry more than 30 grams at a time or to drive while high, there's one law that just isn't sitting well with the people of Quebec.

This law prohibits Quebecers from growing cannabis plants at home for personal use. In fact, Quebec and Manitoba are the only provinces in Canada that have made home cultivation an illegal act.

As expected, the law isn't doing too well. One person from Quebec City is going as far as taking the law to court in an attempt to invalidate it. Basically, since the Superior Court of Quebec sections 5 and 10 (which prohibit owning or cultivating a cannabis plant) fall under criminal law, they are technically under the jurisdiction of the federal government.

So, this brave Quebecer is going against the provincial government and appealing to Ottawa to overturn the ban on home cultivation.

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Ottawa has not banned growing cannabis plants at home (federal law allows citizens to have 4 per household) in an attempt to combat involvement in organized crime. 

Quebec still decided to ban it for health and public safety reasons, making citizens quickly turn against the province in anger and frustration, especially now that most SQDC stores are almost completely out of stock.

The Superior Court will hear the case in January 2019. Who knows, it's possible that Quebecers will soon be allowed to grow their own marijuana plants at home.