This Sushi And Tapas Bar In Montreal Is Perfect For Late Night Food Cravings

They're open until 3a.m. on weekends!
This Sushi And Tapas Bar In Montreal Is Perfect For Late Night Food Cravings

With the weather in Montreal making the rest of the week look like the perfect opportunity to cancel all plans and stay indoors, you're definitely going to be looking for some late night snacking options. If you do happen to venture outdoors, you definitely deserve to stop for some drinks during your journey.

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TL;DR Mon Osti de Restaurant is a sushi and tapas bar open until 3a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. It also offers takeout. The fully licensed bar creates unique and exciting drinks. Reservations may be required if dining in, more details below.

That's why this sushi restaurant and tapas bar is the perfect option for both Montrealers that stay in and those of us that go out. Seriously, once you know about this spot, you'll totally fall in love.

It also has the most Quebec name ever.

Mon Osti de Restaurant serves made to order fresh sushi and tapas at basically any time of night. Don't believe me? Well, on Fridays and Saturdays the restaurant stays open until 3 a.m. meaning even your random, middle-of-the-night weekend cravings can be satisfied.

What's even better is that the restaurant is a fully licensed bar, and they definitely don't play easy when it comes to making the most elegant and unique drinks. So whether you're looking to order some takeout for one or have an evening drink with a group of friends, you're covered.

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If you do decide to dine-in, you might want to make some reservations in advance. The restaurant is pretty popular, with any given night hosting a full house. 

For more information on Mon Osti de Restaurant and to check out the food and drinks that'll cure your winter blues, click HERE.

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