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This Taiwanese Giant Fried Chicken Restaurant Is Now Open In Montreal

The first location in Quebec!
This Taiwanese Giant Fried Chicken Restaurant Is Now Open In Montreal

Montreal probably has the most vibrant food scene on the continent.

With among the highest densities of restaurants in the world and a huge array of  cultures and styles, the city has something for every taste.

TL;DR Taiwanese giant fried chicken chain Hot-Star opened its first Montreal location in October. Scroll to the very bottom for its address and website.

Montreal is also pretty accomodating of new restaurants. Surprisingly, however, the city is among the last to get its own franchises of popular worldwide eateries – at least, that's how it can sometimes seem to impatient Montreal foodies.

East Asian restaurants, in particular, seem to land first in Vancouver and Toronto before eventually making their way east to Quebec.

Such was the case with super-popular Taiwanese fried chicken chain, Hot-Star, which only in October opened its very first location in Quebec.

Hot-Star is famous for its giant (and often cheese-filled) portions of chicken.

@hotstar_canadaembedded via

According to the Hot-Star online menu, their chicken comes in a variety of flavours and marinades, including "original fried," "specialty BBQ sauce," and "hot cheese."

The menu also includes fries and an assortment of fruity beverages.

Needless to say, this is the perfect wintertime comfort food.

So why not grab a large cheese-filled piece of fried chicken and head to one of the city's many Christmas-themed event and markets?

The new Montreal franchise is located at 1933 Saint-Catherine St O. Find out more on the Hot Star website and Instagram page!

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