This Tech Company In The Plateau Wants To Hire You Right Now

Dealflo designs groundbreaking software for financial services. Basically, they make it easier for companies to automate their agreements. And they're the hidden gem of the neighborhood. Dealflo moved into the city two years ago and have a team of around 50, but, are looking to expand - big time. So if you're hunting for a new job in the tech sector (at this point, who isn't?), Dealflo is the company for you!

Dealflo embodies the same style and culture as the Plateau: it's vibrant, collaborative and likes to do things a little differently. The company chose to open their global technical headquarters in Montreal's hippest neighborhood to attract the creative and driven tech talent that Montreal is full of.

As well as a great job, team, and package, if you work for Dealflo, you can boast three things about your job - location, location, location. Spend your lunch hours wandering the muraled streets, grab some breakfast at Cafe Replika, then relax at Café Plume with a cappuccino.

FinTech is a sector that's just plain exploding right now. The banks and financial services of the world have many challenges. Dealflo is one of the forefront companies solving them. They make what's called "end-to-end" software, meaning they take care of everything needed to make a financial agreement legal and secure.

As an employee, working at Dealflo means solving very real problems that you can be proud of solving. Plus, they have major international clients across financial services so you'll get to work on innovative solutions for some of the world's biggest companies. If you check out Dealflo's job listings right now, you'll see that they're looking for talented web application developers, Java developers, R&D project managers, and many others. They're the only company doing what they're doing, so they need the best and brightest.

The choice to work in technology is an easy one - but not all tech companies are created equal. Some technology companies are so enormous that you can feel forgotten, but others are too small and the start-up mentality can wear you out, fast. Working at Dealflo means you get the best of both worlds. You can expect all of the perks of working for a young tech company all while being part of a global tech community(and bragging rights that you work in one of FinTech's success stories).

The best part? Dealflo thrives on innovative, ground-breaking thinkers that high growth companies depend on, and they're extremely well funded (as in they just raised over 16 million dollars). Another bonus? The team is scheduled to double in size each year so just think of the career opportunities that it will bring!

Plus, Dealflo was named the 34th Fastest Growing Technology Company in the UK by Deloitte, meaning they are getting international attention for their work. (Wondering why all the press in the UK? The company was founded in London and they've set up their technical headquarters in Montreal two years ago). Dealflo is a diverse workforce with a multicultural team who are not only collaborative but inclusive! And I mean... international colleagues? Never a bad thing.

In short, working for Dealflo is a rare opportunity to work with such a well-positioned company at an early stage. It's like getting in on a great secret at the right time... and this is just the beginning for Dealflo. If you're hunting for the best tech job, check out Dealflo ASAP.

Be a part of a great tech story that starts in Montreal! Check out Dealflo's open positions and send in your application right away.