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This Tiny Half-House In Toronto Is On Sale Right Now For Half A Million Dollars

Just the yellow half.
This Tiny Half-House In Toronto Is On Sale Right Now For Half A Million Dollars

A Real Estate agent in Toronto has been forced to get creative in order to sell a tiny little yellow home in the Beaches. 

The agent and the current homeowner, who is a musician, teamed up to write a rap about the Lil Yellow House in an effort to sell the home which is currently listed for $499,000.

The home is situated just north of Toronto's Woodbine Park and is a shining example of the ridiculous real estate market in Ontario's capital right now.

[rebelmouse-image 26892863 photo_credit="Real Estate By Bike" expand=1 original_size="852x472"] Real Estate By Bike

The first thing of note is that this home is in-fact a semi-detached bungalow with "1+1 bedroom," which to me sounds like one bedroom and another room that you could turn into another room if you're trying to squeeze from extra rent out of the space. 

In the rap song, the Real Estate agent notes that you can potentially earn $2000 in rent from this space. The video of the rap is below.

[rebelmouse-image 26892864 photo_credit="Real Estate By Bike" expand=1 original_size="847x476"] Real Estate By Bike

The photo above shows the sliver of a backyard the tiny home has. It clearly would require a little work in order to be a hub of entertaining, but there definitely is potential there. 

I do have to admit, the area that the home is in has a lot to offer, as the rap song below makes note of. Woodbine Beach is just a quick bike ride away and Little India is just around the corner, so there are definitely good eats nearby.

But at the end of the day, I think it's pretty clear that the price of this house is a product of a raging real estate market that is taking no prisoners.

For $500,000 outside of the city, you'd be looking at a full bungalow (not just half), a full backyard and two real bedrooms.

Which isn't to say this home isn't freaking adorable. Don't get me wrong, I'd live here in a HEARTBEAT. But for $500,000?

It's gunna be a no from me, dawg.


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