This Tropical Island Resort Is A Secluded Paradise And It's Just 30 Minutes Outside Montreal

I think everyone can admit that we've all wanted to live on a private island. Sometimes people can just be too much and you just want to get away. And honestly I don't think anyone should be ashamed of that. We all deserve our peace and quiet, and the opportunity to be pampered.

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Being away from civilization and the hustle and bustle in the city is probably one of the most relaxing things you can do. Unfortunately, the ways in which you can do this are pretty limited, so it's up to us to find the best ways for you to relax and tell you about them. You're welcome.

I can personally say that spending even a weekend away on a private island is one of the top items on my bucket list. So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that there's a resort just half an hour away from home.

No, you don't have to travel to some far off country or road trip for hours on end. This resort is located in Saint-Eustache! That's a name that everyone knows. And if you know it, you know that it's 100% accessible. You could leave work on a Friday and get there without wasting your weekend

This fabulous island resort is called Oasis de L'Île, which literally translates to the island oasis. How amazing does that sound? And it looks even more amazing. Find it here!

It is completely secluded on its own island. So there is no chance that you'll be hearing cars zipping by or traffic honks. You will actually be able to relax in silence. You may even be so relaxed that you doze off. And who doesn't need more sleep? We're all freaking exhausted so this island resort is exactly what you need!

It has an inn, a restaurant, it hosts events and of course there's the amazing spa. They've got great massotherapy and body care, so you'll leave here feeling amazing, rejuvinated and just silky smoothe.

This place was designed to help you relax. It's got hot and cold baths complete with jets, steam baths, a dry sauna and a 4-season solarium. What more could you need? There's no way you'll run out of options! You may even have to come back to what sure you check out all the amenities. Now wouldn't that be a shame, NOT.

Oasis de L'Île even has a brand-new bistro that makes their meals with seasonal products right on the island! It's called L’Accalmie bistro and I'm telling you, their menu will absolutely blow you away.

Think this place can't get any better? You're wrong. They even have a special deal for women! On Tuesdays, you can get access to the spa for only $22. That's ridiculously cheap if you ask me. Just comparing it to the spas that you have access to the in the city, that's $10 cheaper than most of them! And it isn't that far away. 

Check out their website!

BUT WAIT! There's more! There's even a promotion going on right now that will get you 50% off! And it's not a one-size fits all, there are three different options. Now you absolutely have to go! 

Option #1: Spa day for 1

Price : $26.50 (value of $53)

What you get:

  • 1-day access to the spa facilities

  • 1 bathrobe, 1 towel, and 1 padlock

  • 1 water bottle

Option #2: Spa day for 2

Price : $52 (value of $106)

What you get:

  • 1-day access to the spa facilities for both people

  • 2 bathrobes, 2 towels, and 2 padlocks

  • 2 water bottles

Option #3: Spa day for 2 with complimentary meal

Price : $165 (value of $262)

What you get:

  • 1-day access to the spa facilities for both people

  • 2 bathrobes, 2 towels, and 2 padlocks

  • 2 water bottles

  • a 4- course table d’hôte meal at restaurant L’Accalmie de L’Oasis

  • 1 aperitif of your choice, per person

    @oasisdelileembedded via

    Important and bonus details

  • Overnight accomodation available

  • Free parking

  • 10% off on health cares

  • Maximum of 5 coupons upon purchase for personal use and 5 as a gift

  • Offer starts April 7, 2018 / Ends July 7, 2018

  • Reservation required at (450) 472-0263 or by email at

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