This Tropical Montreal Cocktail Bar Serves Popsicles In Your Drink

Like a dessert you can drink.
This Tropical Montreal Cocktail Bar Serves Popsicles In Your Drink

Remember doing jello shots when you were like 13. You couldn't stand the taste of actual alcohol so the solution was to drown it in refined sugar.  Well, I guess not much has changed since our teen years because adults still love fruity cocktails. 

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There's no better season than Spring/Summer to bust out the fruity alcoholic beverages and there is one spot in the city that really does it better than all the rest. Why: because dessert is included.

Boho Montreal in the Old Port, is a little hole-in-the-wall cocktail bar with a seriously mellow yet sophisticated SoCal type vibe. Sip on a delicious tropical cocktail with Drake beats playing softly in the background. 

Some of their specialty drinks are served with full-sized home-made popsicles sticking out. The trick is to let the frozen treat sit in your drink and absorb all the boozy goodness. 

Although this place is known for their drinks, they also serve a menu of hearty yet healthy food items like flatbread pizza, Poke bowls, generous meal-sized salads, and yummy tacos.  It's pretty much an internet date dream spot, there's always something to talk about.

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