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This Montreal Company Made An App That Takes Dating To A Whole New Level

Fact: Dating in 2018 isn't easy. The dating landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, and it's now considered culturally acceptable to meet someone online or on a dating app.

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Let's face it - we’re busy people with hectic lives, we often can't be bothered to do more than we already do. And when we look back at our roster of exes and hook-ups, it’s obvious we’ve all made questionable decisions (nearly everyone’s got at least one awful Tinder story).

Between finding appropriate spots to meet new people, ensuring those individuals aren’t total weirdos, then seeing if you share enough common interests to build a lasting connection, dating isn’t always a walk in the park. But just because the holidays are around the corner, and it’d be nice to share a PSL or cuddle by the Christmas tree, doesn’t mean you should settle. And thanks to one Montreal dating app, you won't have to.

Via BeMyGuest

BeMyGuest is a free dating app built right here in Montreal that helps you go on the perfect date. The concept is simple: Invite singles to their favourite places.

All you need to do to get in on this? Sign up using your Facebook profile or your telephone number, and add 3 places to your favourites from a list of suggestions, or search for your own. Then o
nce you’re done, you can start browsing through thousands of single people in your area to find someone you're interested in. 

When you find someone you’re into, click on “Be My Guest” to see where that person wants to go, and choose one of their favourite places for your potential rendez-vous. 

Via BeMyGuest App

If they’re feeling you, that person will let you know that they're interested and the two of you can chat. But if they're not down, then your invitation is ignored and their profile disappears forever into the tech-netherworld.

BeMyGuest also helps you to discover the coolest places in town, and you can even filter places by category (like restaurants or activities) to help you discover great date spots. You can also see where people want to go and browse through the most popular places! 

One other awesome perk? With BeMyGuest, you can also offer to cover the bill (if you want to) when you’re sending an invitation so you can avoid that awkward moment when the waiter shows up asking,“one bill, or two?"

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So if you're searching for that perfect date, search no longer. BeMyGuest totally has your back: you'll avoid the discomfort of coordinating first-date logistics and the risk of choosing a terrible place to make your first impression. BeMyGuest is legit your digital Cupid on your (v. important!) mission to find love.

Download BeMyGuest on the App Storeor Google Play Store to start meeting new people today!