This Video Of A Moose Attacking Canadian Cops Is Going Viral Because, Well, Just Watch It

What seems like a highly usual story, was described by police as "Just another Sudbury Saturday Night" 

Officers in North Ontario spent the better part of the evening trying to catch a moose that was on the loose (#MooseOnTheLoose).

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The moose spent several hours running though the streets of Sudburry, and apparently it outright refused to obey traffic signals and crosswalks. (What an a**hole.)

Although the cops were trying to be funny in their tweets, this was no laughing matter.  A moose on the streets is actually extremely dangerous for both the moose, and anyone that might find themselves in its path. 

You can see in the following video the moose tries to attack and evem charges at one of the cop cars.

. Just another Sudbury Saturday Night in Northern Ontario. #mooseontheloose Drive with caution in the area. Thanks to @sea_perry for sharing

December 3, 2017