This Video Of A Punjabi Man Singing In "Quebec French" Is Going Viral Because, Well, Just Watch It

This morning a man named Ranjit Singh contacted us on Facebook on behalf of his friend Amrinderpal Singh Nagra. 

After coming to Montreal to study at Concordia, he fell in love with the Quebecois language and culture. So he decided to learn French.

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But that wasn't enough, he also wrote and recorded an original song entirely in French!

According to him:"this is the first time that a Punjabi boy writes and sings a French song."

And since they had no one to share the video with back home, they asked us if we could share it with the city they love so much. This might just be the most adorable thing anyone has ever sent us. 

So here it is, Amrinder Nagra's Tu es la seule.

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