This Video Of Cardi B Yelling About Uggs Is Going Viral Because... Well, Just Watch It

I dare you not to get this stuck in your head.
This Video Of Cardi B Yelling About Uggs Is Going Viral Because... Well, Just Watch It

YouTube & Instagram pianist Charles Cornell has shared a video that has quickly started to go viral because of its hilarious creativity alongside Cardi B's infectious energy. 

The musician regularly takes videos of celebrities talking and adds a little piano soundtrack to them, turning the speaking videos into beautiful, hilarious songs that are undeniably better than the original.

And I have to say, this new mashup of Cardi B's Instagram story and Cornell's amazing piano skills has just become my new favourite song of all time. Honestly, I dare you to keep this song out of your head today. Take a look below.

In her Instagram story, Cardi B is talking about and showing off her new Swisher Sweet Uggs. For those non-smokers out there, Swisher Sweets are a type of flavoured cigarillos, much like a Prime Times or Phillies.

Cardi B was also in attendance at the Swisher Sweets Awards last month where she won the 2019 Spark Award. The awards and their Artist Project is an initiative to provide opportunities and grants for artists to "pursue their passion." 

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But Cornell didn't just stop at Cardi B! He's also done videos of other celebs, like Ellen, talking about her 16-season-long talk show, above, and DJ Khaled below.

While this is also hilarious, I still think the Cardi B one is undeniably the best of the best. I hope that Cornell continues to make these videos because, honestly, I think they're brilliant. What a fun and unique use of talent. 

This guy can really play the piano! As someone who has played the piano for fun my whole life, I'm seriously impressed at his ability to find a tune in nearly anything and make a song out of even the most ridiculous selfie-videos.

I can't wait to see what he comes up with next and who he's going to turn into my next earworm. 

Check him out onInstagram and on YouTube to see some of his other hilarious creations.

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