12-Year-Old Montreal Boy, Measuring 6-Foot-10, Impresses The NBA (Video)

A pre-teen from Anjou has inadvertently become an internet star when a video of him playing basketball against fellow 12-year-olds in Spain went viral. 

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He makes his classmates look like small children in comparison to him because Olivier Rioux towers at a height of six foot ten. And apparently, he's going to keep growing.

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Rioux is just 2 inches shy of the Toronto Raptors tallest players, Jonas Valanciunas, Jakob Poeltl, and Lucas Nogueira are all seven feet. His dad always knew he would be tall, he grows at a rate of about 10 cm per year and doctors told his parents he's not done growing quite yet.

Rioux has been playing basketball since he was five and doesn't plan on stopping now.  He's been getting bombarded with messages and emails from agents, brands, and coaches, but he has to be careful who he talks with.

That said, Rioux is still just a kid and will be entering high school soon where there is a strong basketball program. The NBA does have an age limit of 19 for drafting. 

Back to the video filmed in Spain, although the nets are very low in this video - only 8 feet and look like a joke for him, usually Rioux plays all season on 10-foot rims. 

At this point, the video has gotten over 700,000 views and I'm sure it's just the beginning of his fame. 


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