This Video Proves Montreal's Plaza St-Hubert Was Straight Up Amazing In 1969

It's hard to deny the glory of Montreal in the late 60s, and not feel nostalgic for a time when the city seemed to be in it's prime.

For most of us, the era of Expo 67 and the years afterwards are merely moments of the city's collective memory, not having been around to see Montreal in all of its former glory.

All we have are snippets into the past through pictures, articles, and videos, like the one below for Plaza St-Hubert created in 1969.

Essentially just an advert for the retail strip, what makes the short video so interesting to watch is just how much Plaza St-Hubert has changed since 69.

Nowadays, Plaza St-Hubert isn't the epicenter of fashion and retail in Montreal. Few would use the words "high fashion" or "superb quality" to describe Plaza St-Hubert, but apparently that's how it was known back in the day.

Or at least that's what the commercial wanted you to think. Regardless, the strip of stores look like old school Vegas, something entirely unseen today.

See for yourself in the video below.

Anyone else a little shocked?