This Video Proves Some Quebec Student Protesters Should Maybe Stay In School

Unless you live under a rock, you are surely aware that the return of spring has brought the return of mass protests against social issues, namely that of austerity.

Austerity, defined as the "policy of reducing government budget deficits by implementing spending cuts, tax increases, or a mixture of both" is currently being threatened in Quebec, which will affect a range of social services including healthcare, pensions for unionized employees, day care services, welfare and education.

This has obviously caused a lot of turmoil for many organizations, but students have definitely made their voice heard more than most, taking to the streets by the thousands to stand against austerity measures. Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a growing conversation about the effectiveness and subsequent implications of these demonstrations, often including heated debates about the role of police force, but regardless of where you stand on the topic, one thing is for sure: something's gotta give.

The student movement is admirable. At the core, they represent something much bigger than only the cuts to education and raised tuition, but a larger support for the social services that matter most to the growth and empowerment of the citizens of Quebec. There's only one problem though: many of these student protesters don't actually have a clue what they are talking about.

During a recent mass protest held on April 2, 2015,local comedian Guy Nantel interviewed a couple dozen students to better understand some of the issues straight from the source. The results are both amusing and depressing at the same time. Watch.

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