This Website Lists Everytime "Montreal" Is In Hollywood Movies

This is a very popular city.
This Website Lists Everytime "Montreal" Is In Hollywood Movies

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Montreal plays host to the filming of many movies and TV shows, but how often do Hollywood productions return the love by namedropping the city? One website lets you know, and can also tell you when any other person, place, thing, or made up word has popped up in a movie or TV show over the last 80 years.

Benjamin Schmidt, professor of at Northeastern University, has created an online tool (combining Bookworm, an online graphing device, with OpenSubtitles, a digital script resource) which lets you rifle through the scripts of nearly 100, 000 moves + episodes with a single, simple and customizable, search.

You can literally search any word you want, and refine your chosen medium, specify certain directors or actors, pick a production studio, and a lot more. The possibilities are nigh limitless, but we only had one question to ask: how many times has Montreal been name dropped in movies over the last 80 years?

We did a quick poutine search (like you're shocked) and surprisingly found that prior to 1997, nearly no mention of Montreal's signature dish was made in either mediums, with the only recognizable reference of poutine in a script occurring in 2001.  See for yourself at the website here.

Kudos to theAV Club for pointing this cool tool in our direction.

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