This Website Will Help You Be Productive No Matter Where You're Working

Finding the perfect setting to get some work done can be a nigh impossible task. Sure, a cafe, library, or even an empty house can seem like the ideal environment for productivity, but we all know that isn't quite the case.

An annoying conversation between to gal-pals sitting next to you, a sniffling weirdo who won't stop sneezing, the EDM beats from your neighbor downstairs, all are examples of the one thing that can ruin a good study session: noise.

Anyone who needs to get work done out of an office space has no doubt encountered such audio-issues, and everyone has their own unique solution. Listen to lyric-less music, play a set-list of nature noise tracks, or put on some storm sounds.

But wouldn't it be nice if there was one website that does it all, playing all the popular sounds people use to be productive? Big surprise given this very long lead up: that site exists, and it's called "A Soft Murmur."

Created by Gabriel Martin, A Soft Murmur is like a music mixer for sounds that help you stay focused. You can play rain, fire, white noise, crickets, and more with just the press of a button. Better yet, you can mix all of the tracks to create a productivity-sound unique to you.

Do you work best during a lightning storm with the chirping of birds overhead? Maybe you're a forest fire with crickets in the background kind of person? Or perhaps a singing bowl in a coffee shop kind of gal with some white noise added in? Okay, you're probably a little nutty if you're that last one, but regardless, A Soft Murmur lets you listen in no time at all.

So block out all those annoying punks at whatever cafe you're working at and plug in your head phones and get listening to A Soft Murmer here.