This Website Will Send You On A Mystery Exotic Summer Vacation But Won't Tell You Where You're Going

It is finally feeling like summer in Canada. After weeks of cold, damp weather, warmer temperatures have arrived in eastern Canada just in time for Montreal Grand Prix weekend, the unofficial kickoff of the summer season.

This beautiful weather may also inspire Canadinas to finalize those summer travel plans. Of course, there are the classic summer vacation destinations easily accessible through direct flights from major Canadian cities.

But if you're looking for something a little more exciting, one company in the United Kingdom is taking a different approach to summer travel marketing.

WeekenderBreaks, an England-based online travel agency and deals site, is presenting consumers the opportunity to "channel your inner intrepid explorer and find yourself transported to a mystery international location!"

Here's how it works: for only £99pp, or about $168 (CAD), participants can purchase a "unique code" from the website Wowcher, a British online marketplace. They then must enter the code on the WeekenderBreaks website to unveil their vacation destination.

To be clear, participants will not actually know where they're travelling until after they've made their purchase. Luckily, the lists of possible destinations is pretty promising. Travellers might find themselves on their way to Bali, Marrakech, Florence, Barcelona, or Budapest — among 40 other possible places!

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"From Paris to Porto, Tallinn to Turin, our prizes feature over 40 different worldwide destinations, with exotic beach breaks, buzzing city stays, and even a Disneyland Paris trip with park tickets as potential destinations," the Wowcher website exclaims.

You can view the full list of possible vacations on the Wowcher website here! Terms and conditions apply. Review them here. The mystery plane tickets are "in high demand" and prices are subject to change after Sunday, June 9, so act fast!

The mystery flights only depart from airports in the United Kingdom, so, of course, Canadians will first have to make their way there. But the additional haul is totally worth the thrill of jetting off to an unknown locale!

You can purchase your unique code and view all the details on the Wowcher website here!

Good luck!

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