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This Is What Will Actually Happen To Your Eyes If You Stare Directly At The Solar Eclipse Today

It's f*ckin' terrifying.
This Is What Will Actually Happen To Your Eyes If You Stare Directly At The Solar Eclipse Today

You've probably heard by now that there is going to be a nearly total solar eclipse in Montreal this afternoon. And if you haven't, don't freak out when it suddenly goes dark at 2:00 pm today. 

If there's one thing we know about the eclipse is, DON'T LOOK AT IT.

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But I mean c'mon, what's the worse that could happen? Are your eyes going to melt out of your face like that scene form Raiders Of The Lost Ark?

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Okay, probably not, but here's what's actually going to happen:

NASA says that the only safe way to look directly at the eclipse is with special eclipse glasses. If you look at the sun with your naked eye, you could burn your retina, which can permanently damage your vision.

What's even scarier, is that the retina doesn't have any pain receptors, which means you may not be aware of the damage until it's too late. Some people only notice the next morning after they wake up. So be extra careful this afternoon, because there's nothing more terrifying than the thought that you could go to sleep tonight feeling fine, and wake up blind tomorrow.  

If you're lucky, the blindness will only be temporary, but there may still be some permanent damage. Although it is unlikely that you will go completely blind from looking at the eclipse, your vision can be impaired to the point where you are legally blind.   

Basically what we're saying is DON'T RISK IT!  

Here's when the eclipse is actually happening: 

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