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This Winter Spa Just Outside Of Montreal Is The Most Enchanting Place You Can Go

The perfect escape to your winter nightmare.
This Winter Spa Just Outside Of Montreal Is The Most Enchanting Place You Can Go

This time of the year is super festive. Some may know it as the most "wonderful time of the year" even. Others might just see it as stressful.

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TL;DR The Polar Bear's Club is an enchanting spa just 45 minutes outside of Montreal. Offering exclusive relaxation experiences during the cold and dreadful holiday season, it'll be the best getaway you'll ever go on.

And you can't really blame them. From holiday shopping and Black Friday, to preparing for the giant family reunion and dealing with the abundance of snow, the holiday season can really wear you out.

Luckily, there is a way to enjoy the holidays while still getting in some rest and relaxation – the perfect place to escape this winter and forget all of your troubles.

Via Polar Bear's Club

It's called The Polar Bear's Club, and the best part is it's only 45 minutes away from Montreal!

The incredible outdoor hot tubs and heated pool will make anyone learn to love the cold season. There's nothing quite like sitting in the enchanting snow-filled outdoors, while still keeping completely warm and relaxed in a bubbling hot tub.

Via Polar Bear's Club

It gets better: the Polar Bear's Club offers everything you could ever think of and more! Just a few of the unbelievable perks include:

  • Scandinavian relaxation techniques 
  • A Nordic river spa
  • Top-of-the-line massages
  • Beauty and face treatments
  • Private lodging if you need a few days before returning to reality

Via Polar Bear's Club

Could your holidays get any better than this? This spa experience is a one-of-a-kind getaway that you'll be desperate to go on ASAP.

For more information on The Polar Bear's Club, click HERE.