This Year Winter Will Be Colder And Snowier Than Ever In Canada

The latest forecasts are terrifying.
This Year Winter Will Be Colder And Snowier Than Ever In Canada

If you're reading this on-the-go, you may want to stop and sit down before you read any further. 

According to Accuweather, this year's winter is going to be colder and snowier than ever. 

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Quebec and Ontario are in store for a "snow-filled" winter and big snowstorms are expected throughout the season.

“There are opportunities for several significant snow events from Windsor through Toronto and up into Ottawa and Montreal this winter"

Temperatures are also supposed be much colder this year. In fact, The Prairies are supposed to see "dangerously low temperatures".

We can also expect waves of arctic blasts to influence the temperatures across the rest of Canada:

“Compared to last winter, the upcoming winter is expected to be colder from the eastern Prairies to Quebec,” 

Don't say we didn't warn you. 


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