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The Number Of Americans Moving To Canada Since Trump Became President Is Skyrocketing

They're fleeing Trump's harmful policies.
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The Number Of Americans Moving To Canada Since Trump Became President Is Skyrocketing

Canada has long been a refuge for American fleeing hard times and virulent politics. Threats to "move to Canada" are common during disadvantageous political or economic moments.

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Trump's election as president has only bolstered Canada's reputation as a foil to nonsensical American social and political trends. 

In their dismay, Americans have looked to Canada as a beacon of hope and an anchor for progressive social policy among a turbulent global state of affairs.

Anecdotally, Canadians have always suspected that Trump's election would mean an influx of American visitors and immigrants.

Now, there are numbers to back up those suspicions.

According to a shocking report from Global News, thousands more Americans have permanently left the United States for Canada since Trump's inauguration.

In comparison with average emigration numbers under Obama, over one thousand more Americans sought permanent residency in Canada between 2017 and 2018.

Similarly, Canadian officials have granted over one thousand more student visas to Americans.

What is yet unreported is any change in the number of American tourists visiting Canada. Amid a trade war between the United States and Canada, many liberal Americans vowed to demonstrate their support of unfairly targeted Canadian workers by purchasing Canadian products and visiting Canadian destinations.

The boost in immigration is tremendous news nonetheless. Though, this report also does not consider the astonishing number of people that have crossed illegally into Canada from the United States seeking asylum.

Have you noticed more American expats in your area?


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