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Three Naked Montreal Women Crash VIP Grand Prix Party

A topless start to F1.
Three Naked Montreal Women Crash VIP Grand Prix Party

To protest the objectification of women and inherent patriarchy that is the Grand Prix, three Montreal women bore their breasts and disrupted the F1 opening party last night at L'Arsenal in Griffintown. Screaming "Fuck the Grand Prix" without any tops on, the trio definitely made the first night of Grand Prix noteworthy.

All three women are members of the Quebec branch of feminist group FEMEN, who, as a collective, have made similar bare-chested protests. In a statement quoted by TVA, FEMEN targeted Canada's Grand Prix for their promotion of sex tourism and strict male-focus.

No charges are being brought against the women and they have since been released. The only repercussion will be tickets for noise, which is a soft slap on the wrist for actively disrupting a party full of powerful CEOs and VIPs.

You may be on the side of FEMEN and totally agree Grand Prix is just the embodiment of the male ego, or you think the trio's protest was in poor taste and they shouldn't have disrupted a part where all proceeds went towards Moisson Montreal and Sacred Heart Hospital of Montreal. Either way, you have to hand it to the running skills of these women, because they got mad hops to jump over fences and dodge security guards.

What do you think?

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