Thrifty Spots In Montreal To Get Halloween Costumes On The Cheap

MTL's best stores to get a sexy costume for low prices.
Thrifty Spots In Montreal To Get Halloween Costumes On The Cheap

Halloween is nearly here, and you best not wait until the last minute to get your costume. Even if you do, don't be a punk and go to LOL Party Center (actually a place) or the many pop-up Halloween stores which are all grossly overpriced. Instead, take note from Halloween experts (and Macklemore) and hit up one of Montreal's fabulous thrift/secondhand stores. You'll have to get a bit more creative, as many don't sell pre-packaged costumes, but the extra effort will save you many dollars. Plus you'll look super hip in a 'non-commercial-retro-indy costume,' or whatever the kids will call it this Halloween. Here are a few choice thrift stores to get Halloween costumes for less money.

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Value Village (4906 Jean Talon & 2033 Pie-IX)

Otherwise known as 'Village de Valeur' in Quebec, double V is the one place you need to hit up for all your Halloween needs. Known as a 'Halloween superstore,' VV has a huge section of cheap pre-packaged costumes for those wanting to go the easy route. But the true beauty of VV comes from the enormous amount of secondhand clothes they have in stock, literally from every decade from the last 40 years. Wanna be a hippie? Find a legit tye-dye flower child shirt. Got pimpin' aspirations? You'll find no shortage of off the wall clothes, and even some fur to complete the ensemble. Whatever your costume, Value Village will hook you up.

Salvation Army (5762 Sherbrooke & 3444 Ontario)

Although Salvation Army doesn't have a reserved costume section, it does have a clothing, accessory, and random everything area that rival Value Village's selection. Pro tip: find one item (like a cowboy hat) and just look for pieces of clothing to compliment the main piece. It will help you filter through the racks much quicker. However, given some recent comments Salvation Army made against gay individuals, you may want to support another local organization.

Eva B (2015 St. Laurent)

If you're looking for a local shop closer to downtown that has everything you'll ever need for Halloween, then Eva B is the spot. Pretty much a giant closet on the top floow, Eva B has an awesome costume rental store in the basement too. You can create your own costume, borrow on of theirs, or a combination of both. Combine that with an in-store cafe, usually serving free snacks and drinks, Eva B is a solid shop even outside of Halloween season. You've probably walked by it a thousand times while drunk on St. Lo. Look for the Michael Jackson mannequin next time you pass St. Lauren and Ontario.

Dollarama (multiple/google it bro)

Never underestimate the power and selection of Dollarama. Most stores, especially the large ones, have a fairly large Halloween aisle, stocked with all the basics like makeup, cobwebs, and the like. Unfortunatley most of the prepared costumes are in children's sizes, which isn't really a problem if your looking for a tight and sexy fit. Dollarama is also a good choice if you need to make a costume accessory on the fly, as the store's craft supplies can help you make anything you might need.

Army Surplus Sport Ig (1611 St. Laurent)

More of a niche shop, pretty much catering towards anyone going for army-themed anything, Army Surplus Sport still carries a lot of smaller accessories to compliment costumes. Not all items are cheap, so be wary about prices when you walk in. If you're going commando this Halloween, you need to hit this place up. Otherwise, check it out to look at all the cool knives and weaponry.

Did we miss the best thrift store of all? Got a halloween shop that is equal parts awesome and affordable? Let us know in the comments below.

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