Throwback Thursday: 90's Necessities

It's Thursday afternoon and were feeling nostalgic. Throw it back with us and check out some of our 90's fashion favorites.

(1) Slap on Bracelets

Slap 'em on and they'll never fall off. This sexy arm candy could have been considered a collectible back in the day!

(2) F*** Bracelets

Controversial in their meaning, every high school-er had one of these jelly bracelets. While different colors represented different bases on the field, if a guy pulled off a girl's f***bracelet and it broke, she was spending afternoon recess with him!

(3) Von Dutch Snapbacks

Inspired by the "truck driver" style, Paris Hilton and Ricole Richie first sported Von Dutch on their hit series The Simple Life. The brand exploded in mid 2000 and its hats were available in almost every print and color.

(4) Baby G's

If you wanted to be considered a big deal, you had to have a big watch!

(5) Choker Necklace

Remember these? Hanging out with your girlfriends, listening to Britney Spears' Oops I did it Again, and trading different color choker necklaces, this plastic neck gear  was huge in the 90's!

(6) Mood Rings

While blue represented calmness and black meant that you were nervous, if you owned one of these you were practically a gypsy mind reader!