Thug Life Montreal

This guy has balls of steel.
Thug Life Montreal

Photo cred - Serge Andres

Serge Andres was walking around downtown minding his own business when he noticed something unusual.

He looked up at the new tower being built between between The Bell Center and Windsor station he noticed an usual figure and decided to take a picture of it.

Yes, that is a construction worker walking up the top of the tower! Even if he is attached, he's clearly not holding onto anything, which means he's up there balancing himself on a frozen steel girder barely 12 inches wide and sitting at a 35 degree angle.  Not only that, on February 17th at 8am the temperature was -23 ... on the ground! So just imagine how much colder and windier it was up there. This construction worker is clearly the most bad-ass Montrealer we've seen in awhile.


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