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A New Report Suggests Ticketmaster Is Scamming Canadians Into Paying More By Conspiring With Scalpers

With so many events coming to Montreal, it's no wonder we have a difficult time just picking one thing to do. There are the food festivals, the weekend cabin getaways, and, of course, all the concerts you can attend. 

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TL;DR It seems that Ticketmaster is using scalpers to inflate ticket prices for Canadians.

One popular method for Canadians to acquire tickets for events is through Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster is actually the biggest ticket sellers in North America.  Whether you're looking to attend a sporting event, a Cirque du Soleil Show, or a concert, this site seems to be a "go to" for most. 

There are however, a few problems with sites like these that sell tickets to the general public. For in-demand shows, it's sometimes difficult for customers to get their preferred seating, the prices are insanely high.

Now, on top of all that, it seems that Ticketmaster uses scalpers to get more profit. 

Recently, two separate news reporters for The Star and CBC went undercover as scalpers to investigate Ticketmaster's business model at a Ticket Summit Convention held in Las Vegas. 

These reporters posing as scalpers went directly to Ticketmaster's professional reseller program to get the full scoop. 

Apparently, Ticketmaster doesn't care how scalpers go about buying tickets – whether it's through bots or even fake identities to get as much money as possible from you. 

If you're wondering if you 're paying "too much" for those concert or event tickets, you're absolutely right to think that. These tickets are sold at inflated prices! 

This has always been a rumour about Ticketmaster, but now it's actually been confirmed! 

Ticketmaster isn't even owning up to the fact that they recruit scalpers and decline to respond to any questions about what seems like a scam. 

Watch the video below from the Toronto Star to see how reporters went undercover to dig up some disturbing truths about Ticketmaster!

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