Tim Horton Menu Items You Didn't Know Were Vegan

Coffee shops can be a difficult place for those with allergies. If you're avoiding dairy for allergy reasons or because of dietary restrictions it can be difficult to find products to eat and drink.

Tim Horton's, in particular, seems to lag behind other coffee-chain giants like Starbucks in terms of offering milk alternatives and vegan-friendly meals. It is hard to sport the vegan alternatives, and there are indeed very few of them.

However, there are some surprising items that are vegan! You can find the list below.

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TL;DR I've listed below a host of Tim Horton menu items that are surprisingly vegan.


  • Iced Capp: that's right, some Tim Horton's offer soy milk, so you can treat yourself to a vegan ice capp! Unfortunately, Tim Horton's doesn't keep track of which of its restaurants offer soy milk... annoying. But you can either ask in-store or call in advance to inquire.

  • Black coffee and teas: these are the obvious choices, but they deserve to be up there for reference

  • Iced Lemonade and Rasberry Iced Lemonade

  • Iced black coffee.

  • Hot apple cider.


  • Savoury Potato Wedges
  • Warm Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.
  • Garden Veggie Sandwich, when you order it without cream cheese.

  • Most of the the bagels! Including plain, 12 grain, everything, cinnamon raisin, blueberry, pretzel and sesame- they're all vegan. Top your bagel with peanut butter and/or jelly for added flavour!

  • Oatmeal: all of the flavours are vegan!
  • Harvest Vegetable Soup

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  • Garden Salad and dressing.
  • Bread rolls.
  • Oatcakes.

I was most surprised to find out that so many of the bagels are animal-by-product free... that's a huge win for Tim's in my book.

And once summer hits, I'll be sure to find out which Timmies near me has a dairy-free option for Iced Capps.

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