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Tim Horton's Canada Launched A New Contest And No One Is Participating

This is sad.
Tim Horton's Canada Launched A New Contest And No One Is Participating

Ah, Tim Hortons! A proud symbol of cherished Canadian values that has quickly degenerated into a representation of what happens when the American capitalist machine takes over.

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Not too long ago, Tim Hortons merged with American Burger King conglomerate, and things have never been the same since.

It's official: Canadians are sick of Tim Hortons. We write about it all the time. And the comments we receive are unanimous: Everyone agrees this is undoubtedly true. And if you don't believe me, there are actual market studies and polls to back it up.

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That said, Timmies won't back down without a fair fight, and they don't seem to be giving up on their Canadian customers. The plan of action: returning to their bread and butter offering - breakfast.

Tim Hortons is effectively diving Michael Phelps style into what people are commonly referring to as "The Breakfast Wars."

Timmies, Mcdonalds, Burger King, and Starbucks are all ferociously competing for your breakfast money. Considering that Mcdonalds has been offering all-day breakfast for quite some time, Timmies thought they would get on board that train as well and launched a test run throughout Ontario earlier this Spring 2018.

The testing proved to be successful, and theproject has now received a green light for all of Canada. Seems like good news.  But the problem is: No one cares.

Tim Hortons even launched a contest to promote all-day breakfast, but literally, no one joined, despite the rules being super simple. Take a pic of your breakfast and upload to social media with the hashtag in French #DejeunerEnToutTemps or in English #timsbreakfastanytime, for a chance to win Tim Horton's gift cards.

As of 10am EST, only two pics currently live under the French hashtag on Instagram, and they are not even official entries for the contest!  Basically, a big fat 0 people have entered so far.  As for the English hashtag, a mere twenty-one photos have been uploaded.

Those numbers are looking rather bleak when you consider that this contest is open to ALL of Canada.

Considering that the chief complaint of ex-patrons is the service and quality of the food, seems like Tim Horton's totally missed the mark on this marketing initiative.

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